AMD64 3400 or 3500? which one is faster ?


Aug 28, 2002
Which one is faster? amd 64 3400 or 3500? or they're about the same performance even though 3400 is 2.4ghz and 3500 is 2.2ghz? (let leave out the future proof advantage of 3500).


Jun 26, 2002
3400+ should be faster or equal in most cases. Unlike 3400+, 3500+ has dual channel memory controller. But A64s doesn't gain much performance from dual channel memory controller.

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Aug 2, 2002
3400+ with 512K is faster than 3500+, but the 3400+ with 1Megs is slower than the 3500+.

But the difference is not huge! An average of less than 4% difference among these 3 CPU...

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Sep 27, 2004
I have the 3500+ and run it on the ASUS A8V Deluxe (K8T800Pro) and was easily able to hit 2.4 GHz with this setup. I didn’t even raise the voltage and was running the stock cooler that came with it since I bought the boxed version. But the bad thing about over clocking the non FX version is the multiplier lock. This forces you to over clock on the FSB which is not nearly as stable or safe as simply raising the multiplier like you can with the FX versions of the athlon64. In the end you pay quite a bit more for the FX but it is not multiplier locked like the non FX version and is much safer and easier to over clock, If that is something that is important to you.

Even though I was able to hit 2.4 GHz with no problems I did not keep it at that speed for very long. I was merely trying to see what it could do and had no intention of leaving it over clocked as the fact of the matter is it is just not necessary. My system is plenty fast enough running at stock settings that I have no desire to over clock as of right now. I would say get the 3500+ and leave it at the stock settings to see if you even need more speed. As of right now there is nothing that even tries this CPU. All my games run flawlessly and all the software apps that I have run so far did the same. I can finish a seti unit in about 2 hours. That is a full 20 minutes faster than the 2.8 GHz P4 that I upgraded from. Any socket 939 setup you get right now won’t be cheap but I am more than pleased with the 3500+ and feel it was a good investment.

By the way, I also recommend this memory as it has performed extremely well for me to and ran out of the box at 2,2,2,3 timings with no stability issues at all. This is a computer that has been running non stop for almost 3 months now and is an excellent example of stability.

Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL

Much like the 939 pin A64’s it doesn’t come cheap, but in the end is well worth the extra cash…