AMD64 DTR's ------Yes, I searched... ;-p


Aug 16, 2004
Ok, I pretty much totally understand the difference in the DTR versions on the AMD64's. Yes, I realize they don't include the IHS etc etc. But I still don't know if I should get the 3200+ DTR w/1M cache or the 3200+w/512k cache. I will probably use the Thermalright 948U wil the DTR. Which means I'll probably be able to make up that 200MHz with OCing. (Or more) So I should go with the larger cache size? Or stick with a non-DTR version and not have to worry about my motherboard recognizing the microcode? If I get the DTR, probably going with the Asus K8NE Deluxe(250gb) or K8V-SE Deluxe (K8T800). I think both those work with the 1.5V DTRs.... opinions? Thanks guys!

AMD 2800+ (Barton Core)
Asus A7N8X
2 X 512MB Mushkin RAM
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It is probably true that the DTR will get to 2.2ghz, but it is definitly true that the newcastle will go over 2.4. It seems that the ihs is good at spreading heat.