Amdfx-62 ccore voltage to attain 3 2ghz



looking to overclock my AMD FX-62 to 3.2GHZ...I increase the CPU multiplier to 15x and increased the voltage to 1.425v, when I increase the multiplier to16x I crash, when I increase the front side bus to 207 and put the CPU multiplier at 15x it will run for a while, a day or two but will eventually crash. What gives? anyone have better luck doing this with an AMDfx62? I would prefer to follow someones lead on this than recreate the wheel.

My system:
Asus cross hair MB
8GB OCZ Raptor DDR2-800
ATI Saphire 4850
rockrt fish 900 watt pwr sply
Antec 900 case
Zalman 9700 copper fan/hatsink