News AMD's Advantage Comes to Desktops, With New Perf-Boosting Features

There's a lot of marketing lingo in those slides that annoys me. Particularly how they still push "SAM" as being an AMD exclusive thing when it's just ReBAR with AMD's branding. If nVidia doesn't benefit as much, it's because they use a different approach to their memory management and not because AMD has "special sauce" or some stupid reason like that, which is heavily implied.

As a general rule, I hate it when companies start closing their ecosystems and I didn't read anything in here that makes me think Intel or nVidia are welcome to these same advantages via SI's with AMD hardware. Just because Intel and nVidia do this already, doesn't mean I want AMD doing it as well.

I hope I'm just reading too much into this and it's nothing other than just putting stricter building guidelines for all-AMD systems like in Laptops (which has been good, I'd say?) and not the "tip" of something bigger trying to be pushed behind our backs.