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I am building a PC as a gift for someone. Am thinking of using an Athlon T-Bird for CPU w/ the appropriate Mobo. Any problems with Win2k Pro and using an Athlon?? Is it stable and the drivers available for the Mobo's? It needs to be easy and stable, since it is a gift.... My experience has all been only w/ Intel chips on Win2k at home and work so far. Any feed back welcomed, Thanks!

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I am running WIN2K on the TBird system and it is 100% stabil.
On the software side make sure u have the SP1, Latest Drivers for hardware, Latest Via 4In1 INF File, MS VIA AGP Fix, MS AMD registry fix.

On Hardware side, put as much as possible ram ( 256 Meg Min). 300W power supply and pay some attention on the cooling..Case ventilation and HSF.

My system : TBird + A7V (Bios 1004D) + 384 Meg Ram + GTS2 + SBLive Player + 3Com905B NIC.


Dec 31, 2007
What kind of RAM are you using??? It seemed to me that the only stable BIOS was the 1003 001_c beta for Win2k I was ashamed to se the stability increase when I put my RAM down to 100MHz which meant my stability prob was with the RAM and not the BIOS. I don't want to jump the gun and flash my BIOS just yet. Does the 1004d still take forever to boot into win2k???

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Yes its great but you need to install Win2000 differantly/correctly on most mainboards that support AMD (like my Asus A7V with Via chipset).

At first I was bedeviled with stability issues; naturally I blamed everything from bios & drivers to photoshop 6.0 until I realized the problem was the user (me): I had not done my pre-install homework for 2000. Now I've got it right and I have to tell you that Win2000 SCREAMS with AMD you're gonna love it.

Turn PnP in the bios OFF and install Win2000 in text install mode. Hit F5 on the screen when it asks you for "scsi driver"; then select the option for "standard pc" when it comes up.

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I am using 3 x 128 Meg Apacer VC Ram. My system was 100% stabil with Fastwrite, AGP4X, Optimal and PNP OS enabled.
Byte merge, Delay transaction, USB and COM port 2 disabled.
I just install Win2k normally, Press F6 when it begin and when it ask for the Add on Controller Driver, i put a floppy disk with the Promise ATA100 Controller driver. I Use Win2K setup to format and partition the drive ( I only make one 4 Gig Partition to install WIN2K then partition the rest of the disk in Win2K's Disk Manager after the installation).

Bios 1004D is fine for me, my board is a Rev 1.02 board and i think it come with 1004C bios. Infact i dont have any problem with both Bios.

Lately i installed DX8 and use the Beta 7.17 Det driver and 3DMark2000 1.1 improved about 1500 Points and compare to DX7 + Det 6.31. I never had a single crash for all my favourite games like Q3, UT, StarCraft, AOK and Diablo II.
For 3DMark2000 u must use the ver. 1.1 as it is WIN2K compatible. For the older version about 3/4 it will crash back to Desktop.

I had my SBLive player in PCI slot 3 and 3Com905B Nic in slot 5 (the last slot). I disable all power management and powerup (except from SpaceBar) option in Bios.

Another thing to mention is the power regulator of A7V is really hot and infact i had my case open and use a 120mm fan to blow to the MB.

I hope this could help.



I haven't had any problems at all with my Athlon and Windows 2000. Since I have had the machine, I have only had it crash once, which was my own fault for trying to force the machine to use Windows NT drivers for my modem.

I agree with everyone else here. Make sure you have all the drivers for the components, and everything should be fine.

My system

Athlon 850
AMD 750 Motherboard
512 MB Ram
64MB Radeon
SB Live
20 GB IBM Hard drive

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Been running fine on :

Tbird 850
2x512Mb ECC 133 RAM
75Gb ATA100
13Gb ATA66
25Gb ATA66
3com905 NIC
Geforce 256 DDR 32Mb

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I recently assembled a bare-bone Duron system and have Win2K running on it. It's very stable, especially compared to when I was running Windows 95. I even got my Voodoo II card working in Windows 2K with a beta driver and can play Counter-Strike, Quake III, and UT. :)

AMD Duron 600Mhz
MSI 6340 Micro ATX
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3.2 GB HD (to at least 20GB 7200rpm soon)
Matrox Mystique 220 PCI
Voodoo II 12MB PCI
Linksys 10-BaseT Ethernet PCI
Verizon DSL 768k/128k
Windows 2000 Professional


Thanks to all who posted a reply. It is nice to be able to count on other techies out there for advice/help! I will not be so stuck on Intel anymore....

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