Question AMD's Wraith Cooler...


Oct 12, 2016
OK, so funny story i had this really poor build in a medieval looking case as some may have seen, decided to completely dismantle it and all was going well until it came to seperating the cooler from the board

the cooler in question is an AMD Wraith Prism on a AM3+ socket with an FX underneath with some arctic silver 5
that cooler was really stuck on tight, despite it being unclipped it just wouldn't budge until... i kinda ripped the wraith off in the end and it had pulled the chip right out the socket still stuck tightly to the heatsink
i actually had to carefully pry the chip off the cooler

my question is why did that happen and what damage could it have done to either the socket and chip itself, they are both physically intact visually

its funny.. the first time i ever did an AMD build because imo they suck and i had never seen the processor come out stuck firmly to the bottom of a cooler
TIM paste can get really stuck after some time, specially when it's some cheap one. The cure for it is to un-clip cooler body, heat it up a bit by running with fan stopped and than twist it until it loosens the grip.
Pulling the CPU out with it cold do some physical damage like bent or broken pins which would be terminal to CPU or you could have scratched CPU or cooler surface which could be rectified by fine burnishing.
BTW, AMD doesn't "suck", At several times in the past it was better than Intel and at other times it was just a case of "you get what you pay for" and now with Ryzen you get even more.
And yes, I have run into many Intel coolers stuck like with crazy glue and same "medicine" worked on them too. I had somebody bring me an Intel 775 socket MB with socked ripped cleanly of the MB. Must have used a pry bar on it.