American marketing ????


Apr 20, 2013
bought something from an American website that is supposed to reliable and can be trusted because of their website, doesn't look like scam and they are actually demonstrating their products in a "down-to-earth" way on their youtube channel. The communication was smooth, fluent, and very quick with email. After placing the order and completing the payment, I received the products well packed and the packaging box was strong. On day 1 I tried to use the products it's obviously not working. Yes it turns ON, it isn't without battery, but it just simply not working while I follow the instructions strictly.

I emailed them, telling them the situation, taking the videos, showing to them how it doesn't work. The guy just told me to wait, he would come back to me because he was busy. Weeks later he didn't reply, I sent him email again, he apologized and let me wait again because he was still busy. the third mail, then he didn't reply to me any more. It's almost an year.

I am not America, and I've never been to North or South America, what do you think, how do their people
live to deal with these people in their daily life? Or they thought that I was overseas so they bet I won't do
anything to sue them because it's just several hundreds of USD?