Question An arduino idea


Apr 26, 2020
Hey all I have a few of these little tech gadgets and they are fun to say the least I have a question about sensors I've bought several to try different things.

Here is what I'd like to do; I want to use sensor to detect that a ball has gone through a hole in a game board with several holes of various sizes therefor various difficulty. Very much like skeeball if you are familiar with that game. Each of those sensors will be assigned a value so when they are tripped by the ball the program reports a score which is different for each sensor. this part I have an idea how to make it work and will have a lot of research and development to do to make it work right. the next thing I want to do is not only sense that the ball has gone through the hole but also what color the ball is I have some color sensors I found online. I'm wondering instead of having two sensors can both tasks be done by the color sensor after all the sensor has to sense something to give me a return I just want to take that return such as sensor 1 returns the color yellow and with the program recognize since sensor one was tripped by a yellow ball add points to the yellow players score. Do any of you have any suggestions for what sort of code I need to look at to adapt to my needs.

I have played around with making light shows with fully addressable RGB LED strings and various arduinos and have had some cool stuff