Question An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\DR2 during a paging operation - failing drive?

Aug 16, 2020

for a few weeks now, I get the error mentioned in the title about.. once a week. The Event Viewer usually shows three errors when this occurs.
"Reset to device, DeviceRaidPort0, was issued" and two times the message in the title.

When this happens I usually notice it first by websites not loading and if I'm watching a stream it starts to buffer. I can't click on the the Windows logo on the bottom left. It usually resolves itself after 30-60 seconds, however I also had a day where the PC crashed and the system SSD (which the error refers to) wasn't displayed anymore, so I went right into the BIOS menu on startup. After replugging the drive it worked again.

Since then I have tried to use another SATA cable, which didn't help, and I also switched to different SATA ports on the MB. All of the drive related programs I've used to check (CrystalDisk, manufacturer programs etc.) show the drive in a healthy state.

What else is there I could check? It is probably worth to mention, that the system SSD I'm using is a few years old already and has 22k hours runtime and about 38TB of data written. It's a 256GB Crucial MX100.

Would appreciate any help.