Question An Honest opinion

Jan 26, 2022
Hey guys plz share wiht me your opinions, i have found many comparisons between mobos but not one that realy gave me an answer .

Corsair 4000d
h150i \ arctic freezer 280mm
r7 5800x
question is this:
I purchased with it a Gigabyte B550M- Aorus pro - p which is a fine board, but a Micro*( gets hotter than his larger version)
I also have a perfectly sealed box of Asus tuf gaming B550- plus wifi- it is missing the Type C for the front panel but i can get a 9.99 usb3.1> type c adapter so this is solved.

what would you take for the ultimate sytstem, the micro version of a solid motherboard, or the bigger heftier i think more featured and also a solid motherboard...
their price for me is aproximitly the same 10$ give or take , I do not have warranty where i live on the asus though, but i dont mind risking it.

Scrolling around the internet i also came across some 1 stated that the b550m aoruis pro has his higher rate pcie on the lower of the 2 and not the upper 1 as we are used to, can any one aprove or disaprove?
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