Build Advice An i7-7820x pc for under $1000?

Jul 22, 2019
Is it possible to build an i7-7820x desktop with a maximum budget of $1000 (ideally less)? I only care about ram being at least 16 gb, at least one gpu, plus all other basic desktop components. I've seen pre-built desktops with this CPU for under $2,000, so I'm pretty sure its possible to build for less $1,000. Anyone willing to do the research? Thanks in advance.


Given that the processor is 600 dollars, and 16GB of RAM is ~100 more. No.
You would need to budget at least
100-150 for the motherboard
50-100 for a quality PSU
50+ for a decent case
~50+ for a cooler
Your storage of choice, which at minimum would be 50
And then there is the GPU, which varies based on need.

So at minimum, closer to 1200 at least
As someone who currently owns a 7820x, I'll say, yes, you COULD, but it would be a very lopsided and poorly balanced build.
Imagine, a high-end $600 cpu bundled with a bunch of low-end, budget-oriented parts, because the max budget was set too low. That's no good, those cheap parts are going to hinder the overall performance of the cpu.
What is the purpose for wanting to go x299, that X399, Z390, B450, X470, and X570 couldn't do?