an idea that needs help

Aug 13, 2018
I work at a sign shop and we have 9 users all using the same sign software. These 9 people have to pull files from our server and then the computer has to load the file. This is all done mostly over wifi. Now here's where my idea comes in on how to save time loading these files.

on average each pc takes 15 seconds to load a 130mb file.

on average each person opens 9 of these files a day.

that's 20 minutes and 15 seconds a day that people are waiting for files. It may not seem like a lot but that's 101 minutes and 15 seconds at the end of the week and with a rate average of 98$ an hour we are losing 165$ a week to waiting and that's just one program I tracked. There are a few other shared programs as well.

On top of money being lost to waiting; the company still pays the employees to sit and wait for it.

no matter if you think this is a waste of time or not could you please help me?

my idea is that there would be 1 " super computer " and that everything we needed was on this computer.
there then would be X amount of desktops "cheaper pcs" connected to the "SC" and would preform tasks on this "SC" leaving only startup and personalized programs or settings on the "CP". Kind of like remote access but have multiple users on said "SC".

is this something that is doable? if so where to start? if not anything you can think of to speed up our network.

I figured a linux based OS for SC and set up multiple workstations for said CP.
let me know if i used workstations incorrectly still learning a bit.

any help is appreciated.


Not the sort of problem that can be necessarily solved by more hardware - "super computer" or otherwise.

The "weak link" so to speak is that the shop is using wireless. Inherently slower than wired.

The performance will only be as fast as the slowest link. Which, conceivably, may actually be elsewhere.

My recommendation is to switch a couple of heavy download users to wired connectivity and determine what the download times are.

Just safely run some temporary Ethernet cables to the users closest to the router.

And, just "food for thought", what else is happening on your network? Are other people browsing websites, blogging, gaming, shopping, etc..

Such activities eat available bandwidth - everything slows. Including file downloads...

Not at all uncommon in many places and without a firm business policy in place prohibiting such things all actions will be for naught.

You must also be able to both prevent such things and detect offenders.

Overall, revisit the situation, and see what you can accomplish with what you have.