Apr 17, 2004
I am thinking of getting a noise solution for my next pc based not on quietness but on having the pc a long way away, eg another room.

If i have a digital connection between my monitor and pc, i could have it about 10 meters away, for example. Then i wouldn't care how noisy it was.


how long is the longest digital connection to a monitor?
what about a gigantically long mouse wire and keyboard wire?

I would be into playing shoot them up games so i wouldn't want lag to be a limiting factor.

It is a good idea, don't you think? Has anybody else tried it?


IMO, a better option is to get a good case, quite fans, and PSU, then sound absorbing mat if necessary for case.
You can for little cash, get very quite PC or a little more cash, virtually silent PC and have the advantage of it being next to keyboard and monitor.

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10 meters would be difficult, 10 FEET would be easy.

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