An interview with ATI


Mar 4, 2003
Check out the interview <A HREF="" target="_new">at</A> with ATI. Kind of an interesting read. They talk a bit about chipsets and drivers from the company. This is the source for the rumor of the upcoming CAt 3.8's that are supposed to be huge. Check it's a good read.

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Aug 2, 2002
Worth the reading!

I think the most interesting part is the AIW section. We can expect great things from future AIW cards.

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AcceleNation : ATI’s drivers have matured a lot since the RAGE PROTM days, how did ATI go about from being notorious for poor drivers to producing extremely stable drivers with minimal bugs, which in my opinion, exceeds NVIDIA’s Detonators?

ATI : [Terry] Renewed focus and commitment to excellence - no joke. We looked as an organization the status of our products a few years ago and saw many users complaining about our drivers and our driver support. As a company we knew that this was not acceptable and we have committed to providing the best drivers in the industry. We invested in new tools, new processes, new people and of course there has been a lot of sweat and toil. I think we are at the point where our drivers are now a selling point for our products. With ATI, users know they will get frequently updated drivers that are always Microsoft certified and full of innovation.

AcceleNation : ATI has been on a vigorous 6 week driver release schedule for CATALYST drivers, 6 weeks might seem a bit too long for some people, is there any chance ATI will release unsupported Public Beta drivers, much like NVIDIA has done in the past?

ATI : [Terry] Let me answer this question with two statements: First of all, no, we do not want to provide "unsupported public beta drivers". We fully test our drivers, we certify them, and we support them fully. I feel it’s unfair when companies provide "unsupported" software. If people want to beta test, then of course we do have a beta tester program.

Secondly, if people feel that 6 weeks seems too long then I am glad to announce we are now moving over to an official policy of updating CATALYST drivers a minimum of 12 times a year. I once again I urge my colleagues in other high tech companies to provide the same level of support to their end users.
I almost wanted to shed a tear. So much improvement and user support by ATi, and the move to a 12 driver minimum.
My GOD, they ARE on Fire!

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