An LGA 1155 motherboard that supports Two 6990 cards?


Sep 3, 2011
I'm planning on buying two 6990s and the 6990s are dual gpu cards which equal quad gpus in total AKA considered as 4 cards. I had a mobo in mind but it doesn't specify if it supports quad sli / crossfire or not. The one I have in mind is the EVGA P67 FTW with 6 pci express 2.0 16x slots at 269.99 on newegg but im not sure if it will support my 2 6990s. can anyone also tell me what PSU i would need for this? I'm planning on overclocking the cards and the i7 2600k that it'll be coming with. and any tips for cooling? is the haf x case with great airflow good enough for those two cards?