An odd upgrade


Jul 18, 2007
hi guys im currently using a HD4850 1Gb DDR5 GPU which is doing quite well so far gaming wise. I was looking to upgrade in preperation of BF3 :kaola: and was going to spend about £120 on a HD6850 or 550Ti etc

however my friend has just offered me a PAIR of 260 GTXs (DDR3 896Mb each) for £75..........Would this a) be a worth while upgrade and b) would they be good enough for BF3 as they are only DDR3!!


PS: the cheaky ah heck has gone and bought 2 x 550Ti :pt1cable:

The GTX 260 is slightly better than the 4850. But in all honosty if you did buy those 2 GTX's, it would be more of a side ways "upgrade" than anything else.

Do you mean 75 for EACH or 75 for both? If it's for both....well that's not a bad deal. As long as your setup has SLI ability - why not?
We need the complete specs. of your computer to let you know whether it would be worthwhile.

But if it's 75 bucks for BOTH GPU's - and you SLI them - you should get nearly 75% increase in FPS depending your setup. So it would be worthwhile in that case.