Question an operating system wasn't found. after cloning windows to ssd

Jul 9, 2019
hello everyone!
so recently ive buy a kingstone ssd and saw a video on how to clone from old hdd to ssd
simply followed the instructions and went to boot menu to boot from the new ssd
so ive got the message that says an operating system wasn't found...
so ive booted back to hdd and did the same thing again
now i can boot neither hdd or ssd
so ive hooked a windows 8 installation cd to format and put a fresh windows, guess what?..... the same damn thing . an operating system wasn't found
ive reset the bios default settings because i messed with it (boot sequence, sata config, boot mode)
now iam stuck i cant do anything
i dont know if i should make a grave for my pc. however, iam making a windows 10 media creation on a usb flash to see if that would work
Aug 23, 2016
I had to paste this and can't remove the bullet haha

You can't clone an SSD to an HDD, they are different on a hardware level, requires unique software.

If your BIOS doesn't show the disk you have bigger issues, buy another drive, try every sata port you have, try the drives in another PC...if they work. I honestly don't know what to say, I don't wanna say call time of death...but that may be the case if all you did was swap drives . Windows can boot to recovery WITHOUT a drive off removable media under working conditions.

If it does show drives, make sure your DVD drive is the first boot option but the others are Enabled as well.

Boot from DVD or USB. -- Do not install, just see if you can--even a different windows version and run diskpart.exe in dos as admin to see if the disk exists, your going to need to wipe the drives if chkdsk won't fix either enough to boot (or windows startup repair)

if you get to the installation screen, advanced repair your pc option (if that fails try to restore from a previous backup, even though you dont have one, it will give you a dos prompt if your in windows 7, not sure on 8/10 off hand and i'm on a cell phone.

If you can't boot to windows at all (try everything!) your pretty much out of luck, that doesn't require a hard drive at all, there is a separate space on the PC for windows recovery. I've had to do it on laptops alot.

if you CAN reach dos (Command Prompt) type

list disk

see what it says, if the disks are there and you dont care about the data

sel disk # (0 or 1 depending which you want to wipe)
clear all
assign letter=T

format T:

wait forever lol

reinstall windows

Hope this helps a bit
Aug 23, 2016
Another thought just occurred to me, though it is a shot in the dark by far--the cloning software I mentioned obviously locked the drive while working in recovery mode, and to my surprise it was able to prevent Windows from installing (not booting into recovery)

Windows reported that I had no drive when I tried to install during the drive locked cloning process.

Now I have never seen a drive become permanently locked, that would likely need to be software running in recovery mode as a virus to accomplish that, but maybe the clone software really messed something up.

A SMART error is simply a bit flag set on a hard drive (I also managed to do that with an attempt at encrypted wiper software) AND restore it by overwriting the entire DISK with zeros (format does not do the actual DISK, there is a difference...Diskpart.exe "Clear All" command 'may' do the DISK itself...i'm not entirely sure)

Unfortunately I don't know off hand any software that would do that since I use my own...i'm sure a search would turn something up, but it would still require another drive or PC to make bootable media regardless.

This is extremely unlikely, but I figured i'd mention it anyways.
Aug 23, 2016
Sure you can. I've done it, in both directions.
Macrium Reflect does this easily.
Sorry, I ended up typing that twice, I meant to add WITHOUT specific software, as in ISO format. Like I said, my drive ran...that was the answer Samsung AND EVGA tech support told me, so if i'm wrong on that theory it is just what I was told by the hardware vendors.

Regardless, it still does depend on the cloning software in any case, all software has the potential to fail. Like mine lol.

Thank you for correcting my statement though.