An PCI Express 3.0 card on a PCIe 1.1 slot - compatible? Performance?


Nov 29, 2012
Hi there,I have a mobo namely ga-g31m-es2l and pSU of 400W I am looking for an graphics card to use with it.I just want to know that will a graphics supporting PCI E-3.0 will work on this MOBO and how efficiently.Also want to know which budget graphics card will be best for it.


PCI-Express is backwards compatible, so it will be the same within a couple percentage points, assuming it's not totally mismatched (like a 690 or 7990 in an 4x pci-e 1.1), and since you mention "budget" graphics, I see no problem.

To recommend any card, we need to know what you "budget" is, and your system specs, primarily Power Supply (make and model) and CPU


Obviously we're not talking dollars here, so I can't comment. But the 7750 is a great low power card, not needing any extra power than the slot you stick it in, and thus the safest bet without knowing more about your power supply.