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I keep getting this error when trying to view threads or forums here. I'll view a few forums/threads before this message pops up. Then none of the forums/threads will work. I just keep getting blocked by the same error message.

This is happening in Firefox and Chrome. It happens on the two computers I've tried it on. It also is occurring on my Pixel XL (whether connected to WiFi or LTE). I've tried disabling add-ons/adblockers. I've tried clearing the browser cache. It keeps happening. Right now I managed to get through by switching back to Chrome and clearing the cache again.

I noticed. As long as I am not logged in to my account. I can browse the forums all I want. Once I login this message starts popping up. Sometimes it is clears up after a few minutes. Sometimes I have to keep switching browsers.

This has been occurring intermittently the last several days.


They are aware of the login issues and are working on them. That's about all I can say, or know, at this point. Some people are having the issues, others are not. I think it is primarily a regional issue much like the Akamai server problems we used to occasionally frequently have on the old forum software but I don't know that it is.