Question an unknown person has showed up on my phone's contact list

Jan 20, 2019
yesterday the contact list was normal but today there was an unknown person added to my contact list, i can see her face via her mugshot, and also her number but i don't know who she is. she is not from a google backup as that feature is disabled since day1 on my android phone.

i talked to my friend about this and he thinks its probably nothing. what are you thoughts on this? is this a sign that the phone is hacked and this lady on the contacts has assumed control of my phone and is spying on me?

thanks for the input!


Google the new contact by name and number - may show up as related to some virus or hack.

Make and model phone?

Service provider?

Check accordingly for any posted problems or bugs.

Has anyone used or otherwise had access to your phone?

Delete the contact - may have been created by some error or bug. If removed and does not return - all is likely to be well.

And then run some AV software. For example:
Jan 20, 2019
-unknown person in contact list cannot be found on google, doesn't seem like is a known hacker.
-phone model is: samsung J1
-Service provider: Three
-no previous instances of problems or bugs report by android, before or after this incident.
-no other person has physically touched my phone or accessed it other than myself
-unknown contact has been deleted and hasn't shown up again (for the time being)
-AV software installed and showed clean

thank you so much for the AVG antivirus phone version recommendation, i'm an old fashion guy who has never owned a smarphone before, and this is very unnerving for me as i even considered the possibility that some stalker had broke into my home last night and messed with my phone. i wish my niece hadn't pressured me into buying one of these things, its more trouble than its worth.