Question An unnamed folder is not deleting from Windows 10 Desktop.

Jan 5, 2022
In my Windows 10 Desktop there is a unnamed folder comes after windows defender detects a virus and restart my PC. if i delete this unnamed folder it comes again. and also it's not opening. how can i remove this folder?
Have you used malwarebytes before. The reason I ask this is because you may not be fully aware of how Malwarebytes works. Infections of any kind can be made up of many segments , if you clicked on anything it found before quarantining and deleting you might have seen it say something like joe bloggs pup 5 , this means that joe bloggs pup is made up of 5 segments.
This is the important bit.... Malwarebytes is one of the best programs around but it cant always get rid of all segments of something on the first scan/quarantine/delete. You must do repeated scans till it finds nothing.
Also try adwcleaner by the same company