An upgrade for Dlink DIR-655


Mar 10, 2007
I currently have a Dlink Dir 655 which is about a year old and I can't seem to get enough juice out of it.
I don't know a ton about routers so maybe somebody can help me out.

There is a laptop in the same room and a computer upstairs that connect to the router wirelessly. I'm also trying to stream hi-def video (also wirelessly) to my dvd player (Hulu plus) and I can't download fast enough. If i turn the quality down to standard def, it goes fine.

My computer upstairs gets a decent 4/5 bars but the downloads are slow when we have everything going at once.

What are my options? I prefer to buy from newegg since they're super reliable but i'm open to other stores. Budget $100-$200.

Thanks in advance.



I seriously doubt that a new router will be any significant improvement over a DIR-655. I use one on a 50 gigabit connection and have no issues.

Are your wireless adapters N?

Perhaps a different radio channel will improve your connection speeds.