Anarch Free State Cambridge - A BYO Storyline



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Andy arose from his slumber in the Egyptian sands he had had imported.
At this time every night he went to the top of the tower in King's
College to survey his City. He did so again, taking time to reflect on
the meeting of the previous night.

He had met with an ambassador from the Camarilla. She was wondering why
an allegience had not been pledged to her sect in these Final Nights.

"It is just plain unheard of that a City as important as this is just
left to the Anarchs!" Queen Anne of London shouted.

Andy took his time and replied "You had no interest in Cambridge 10
years ago, why now come here to claim it. This city runs a lot smoother
than I believe many of your cities do. I understand that with the
rumours about Gehenna abounding, your governance of London might be
being challenged, but here in Cambridge, we have no such issues.

"Ruling by right might suit you in the Camarilla, and in the Sabbat,
but here in Cambridge, running by a vote of what the majority want
seems to work.

"We have The Masquerade. All Kindred must report to me, but aside from
that, all have the right to live their own lives, free of prejudice,
and I won't see that changed."

"You can't run a city like that. Someone must have absolute authority,
or else you will just get bedlam and panic and ANARCHY! As of now, I am
moving my people in. You will not keep this city, it will be

"My lady, if you cannot control your temper, I wonder how you can
control your own city. I have read what you claim is happening, and I
have heard from the Archbishop of Birmingham, and he says the same.
This has not yet occured in Cambridge. I think it is just revolutionary
hype, which in a democratic like state in my city, will not happen."

"You are a fool, snake. I shall be leaving, but this won't be the last
of it."

With that Queen Anne turned to leave. Andy leaned over the desk and
shot out his forked tongue to activate his intercom. "Queen Anne will
be leaving now. See that she comes to no harm whilst in the domain of

"Certainly master, I'll bring around her car now."

Queen Anne turned, scowled, and continued on her way, slamming the
heavy oak doors after her.

At the top of the tower, Andy looked around. He new that some of the
Camarilla and Sabbat were starting to penetrate the city. All he could
do would be to hope that the vampires who were here would not change
their allegiance. They had there squabbles, but it all worked. The
Kindred of Cambridge liked the freedom they had from the Camarilla and
Sabbat. They knew the importance of keeping themselves hidden from the
mortal population, the so called "Masquerade" as the Camarilla called

There was the Giovanni clan, focused around Petty Cury and Lion Yard.
They liked the opportunity to do business without anyone taxing them

There were some Assamites, who kept a safehouse down Mill road. Very
useful to have around, and certainly not worth upsetting, something
that Kindred only did once.

The Ravnos liked the freedom of the parks around the city, along with
some Gangrel. The Brujah enjoyed the partying, mixing with the students
quite well.

A handful of other clans were dotted about here and there, and then
there was Andy's own clan, the Setites. Focused around the Museum and
King's College. Andy might rule, but that only meant he was harder on
these than other's when they infringed on other vampires rights and in
revealing themselves to the kine.

"Well, Camarilla and Sabbat can try to take the city. They won't
succeed without getting the individual vampires to change. We'll see
how well you do with that."

With that, Andy descended the tower, and got on with the night's


Anarch Free State Cambridge
A Build Your Own Storyline Tournament

Anarch Free State - Cambridge. An independent Storyline event.

Cambridge has long been an Independent city. Such that the Camarilla
Sabbat have always viewed it as an Anarch Free State for much of it's
time. However, in these end times, the sects are trying to claim any
cities they can in order to try to maintain control over the vampires
society, and after gaining/maintaining loose control over the larger
cities in the UK, they are now after Cambridge.


All vampires at the start of the game are considered Anarchs. All
options open to Anarchs are also open to all vampires (including any
created during the course of the game). This also means that all
Camarilla and Sabbat titles are non-existent (as if Fall of the
Camarilla/Sabbat was in play). Decks do not have to be clan or sect
based. You may not change decks between rounds. You may change the sect
of your vampires by actions/cards, but should you play the new event
below, then this overrides that action/card until it leaves play.
(Note, you may play KMW cards)

If you have "Join Up" or "Turning the Screws" in play, all vampires you
control at any point (either from previously in play, brought into
play, tempted across, embraced, etc.) are of the sect related to the
event card. If you tempt across a vampire, then give it back, whilst
under your control it is of the sect that your vampiresare. Once given
back, it reverts to the sect of the controller who you have given it
back to.(This may or may not temporarily change title status). If it
has something specific on it changing sect (i.e. Writ of Acceptance)
then the vampire is that sect only when under the control of the
Methuselah who played the card, otherwise the temporary change status
is applied.

You may not have both "Join Up" and "Turning the Screws" in play at the
same time.

The tourney will be 2R (8th March) and Final (15th March).

The winning sect will be the one that the last man standing in the
final is playing and is dependent on the following:

Join Up in play - Camarilla win control of Cambridge
Turning the Screws in play - Sabbat win control of Cambridge
All vampires have been changed to Camarilla - Camarilla win control of
All vampires have been changed to Sabbat - Sabbat win control of
Any other situation - Cambridge remains an independent city

Banned Cards - Anarch Revolt, Ian Forestal, standard VEKN banned list

New cards for this tourney -

Fee Stake: Cambridge - As Fee Stake: x, but vampire becomes Baron of

Join Up - Event: Do not replace until removed.
All vampires you control are now Camarilla. All Camarilla titles are
restored. Any effect which would change one of your vampires sects has
no effect. This event only effects you and no other Methuselah.
May be played more than once. (May also be in play by more than one

Turning the Screws - Event: Do not replace until removed.
All vampires you control are now Sabbat. All Sabbat titles are now
restored. Any effect which would change one of your vampires sects has
no effect. This event only effects you and no other Methuselah.
May be played more than once. (May also be in play by more than one

King's College
Master: Unique Location
Tap to give a vampire you control +2 votes in a referendum called by a
vampire that is of a different sect from the one you give the votes to.

This card may be stolen by a vampire for his/her controller as a (D)


Archived from groups: (More info?)

This storyline report is in 2 sections. The first a conclusion to the
story, and keey things that occurred during the final, and then the
winners own report and decklist.

(Remember, in each game, all vampires started out as Anarchs, and
needed to join a sect if they wanted any sect based titles back)

Section 1 - conclusion to the story

Andy sat back and reviewed what happened in the events that preceded
tonight. He had kept his city free of the Camarilla and Sabbat, but at
cost that could cause trouble later on.

The Sabbat had come crashing in through the North of the city. A War
band of Toreador Antitribu came down and tried to bleed the cities
current residents dry, before taking over. They won the first couple of

battles, destroying some of the Setites and Malkavians in the
area, but as they advanced on the centre...

Queen Anne's Ventrue entourage travelled up from London to attempt to
take by right. Andy had remembered her threats from their meeting. The
damned Camarilla believed they had the right to rule everything. He
hoped that she would at least remember her own rules of being a
Cambridge wasn't sure how she would play this, but the politicking
started, unsettling some of the smaller covens in Sawston and
Whittlesford. They came up by train? A stupid move which failed to help
them as they were picked off by the groups around there. Failing to get
past the South of Cambridge's Lasombra and Ravnos, they pulled straight
back and left. Cowards.

As the Sabbat advanced on the centre, the other vampires rallied
They couldn't get the vampires to Turn the Screws and join them in the
Sabbat. Brian kept approaching Andy, having helped dispatch the
about gaining some additional ground for his Ravnos in the city.

He didn't want the death of any of the vampires in his city. It is his
responsibility to ensure that all the vampires are safe, from both Kine

and Kindred alike. One very carefully planned strategy was needed. It
did, however, very nearly back fired. What should have been a decisive
blow very nearly backfired as one of Andy minons (Suzanne Kadim)
accidently found herself raiding a Malkavian coven rather than the
Toreador Antitribu Warbands Haven. The damned Cambridge Malkavians
decided to have a party in the Town Hall, when that was supposed to be
where Andy thought the Sabbat would be hiding out.

Andy had no choice. The Ravnos approached Andy with a further deal.
land rights, and a greater say on the running of the city. Andy had
already managed to stop the influence of the Sabbat war band on other
vampires, but needed to put an end to them quickly, or else they would
get reinforcements. He was forced to use them as a block and give them
what they wanted.

After using a block in and kill strategy to finish them off, the Ravnos
reinforced their demands with a push against the Setites. Hesha, Baron
of Cambridge (Andy's second in command) and Suzanne Kadim both went
in the push. In order to stop any more deaths, Andy signed an order
giving the lands in the South to them. The Police won't be happy with
the additional problems this will cause, but ensuring the safety of the

city was the most important thing to the Kindred. A few more New Age
Travellers could be handled, even if the well of Kine didn't much like

Kindred Politics, it's a tentative thing at best. Andy knew that he had

lost more than he hoped for in this struggle, but he had kept Cambridge

free from Camarilla and Sabbat control. The Ravnos in the city were now

stronger than ever, and he knew that he was to be the last Setite
Will the Ravnos cope when they took over? He didn't know, but at least
for now some stability would be kept and the city was still free.

A few months later, Andy, losing control and power as the stronger
Ravnos forced the Jyhad in their favour, abdicated his position as
and a Ravnos took over as Baron. The Setites had lost Cambridge, but in

his abdication message as head Setite in the city, he vowed to support
the new administration and protect this city as much as he ever had
before. The Ravnos, led by Brian, shook things up a fair bit. Change is

a difficult thing. What will be next for the city...

Points of note during the final:

Hesha Ruhadze became Baron of Cambridge
Suzanne Kadim, not liking the idea of fire damage, snuck up behind
Mariel, Lady Thunder and destroyed her Blow Torch.
Turning the Screws was Not To Be.
The Lasombra failed to be able to Torporise the Toreador Antitribu, due

to combats never lasting long enough.
The Toreador Antitribu enjoyed raiding coffers on mass to gain lots of
pool, as they slowly swelled numbers using Consanguineous Boon a number

of times, but eventually the number of Barons supported by Kephamos
stopped these.
In order to help a Toreador Antitribu embrace hunt, Sir Marriott
Tempted her across. She hunted, but then in future turns bled the
Toreador Antitibu using their own Palla Grande.
Suzanne Kadim, with a Heart of the City, got confused by My Enemy's
Enemy and instead of bleeding Donatien, ended up bleeding Malkavians.
Once the Malkavians, Lasombra and !Toreador were safely out of the way,

the Ravnos, with their !Gangrel support bruised and bled out the
with Hesha, Kephamos and Suzanne Kadim going to torpor. Unfortunately,
none of the Setites Allies could help.
Muddled Vampire Hunter kept trying to hurt Baron Hesha and Kephamos,
mainly kept being outfoxed by Mylan Horseed. He then got blocked by an
Aabbt Kindred and the snake managed to kill him.

Section 2 - Brian's Tourney analysis and report:

The Anarchs are revolting in Cambridge

Preparation for the Hike

The week before, we decided who was going on the hike by sitting in
and knocking off the weakest of the party. The players trying to make
to the expedition where:-

Andy Setite Anarchs Stealth Bleed and Tempt. (Anarch)
Buzz Lasombra tool box, Including Stealth bleed. (Anarch)
Sir Jimmy Madness Malks taking the Stealth bleed p!ss. (Anarch)
Simon W Toreador! vote-bleed swarm. (Sabbat)
Joel Assamite What Blood Curse? Combat with dodges. (Anarch)
Ben Ventrue, we don't like no stinking anarchs. (Camarilla)
Brian Ravnos/Gangrel! Anarchs combat/intercept deck. (Anarch)

The summary off the the selection process was
Table 1 - Jimmy -> Joel -> Andy -> Ben
Table 2 - Simon -> Brian -> Buzz

Table 3 - Andy -> Jimmy -> Simon
Table 4 - Brian -> Ben -> Buzz -> Joel

The end results after 2 rounds of Stealth, sleaze and Stand offs was:-
Simon - 2 GW 5vps
Brian 2.5vps
Andy 1.5vps
Jimmy - 1.5vps
Buzz 1.5vps

These where the intrepid members, the brave few, the courageous
of fellows that would be tackling the final assault to see who and what
would rule Cambridge, this quite literally was the last Methuselah

The Final Expedition

After much deciding, dice rolling and waiting for Jimmy to turn up, the
final table seating decisions went thus:-

Buzz -> Jimmy
Buzz -> Jimmy -> Andy
Buzz -> Brian -> Jimmy -> Andy
Buzz -> Brian -> Jimmy -> Andy -> Simon

Then we started what would be the longest days of our lives.

Day 1
Much joviality occurred as we rationed up the food, water and
out our various minions. Jimmy brought out malks that have anticombat
stitch Andy's hand, Andy brought out a few setites and a toreador with
bleed, Buzz a kyasid and Lasombra, Brian said hello to his Ravnos and a
Gangrel! with inbuilt wolf claws! A few turns later Simon eventually
brought out Donatian and another toreador with +1 bleed.

Day 5
Water low, but spirits where high. Food not a problem.
Not much happened in the beginning, Andy stealth bled Simon and bloated
like a bitch with Hesha-perfectionist-minion tap combo. Simon slowly
brought out more minions, bloating with con boon and puppy dog eyes,
stealth bled Brian and after some wingeing of the highest order from
Brian, walled up against the swarm of Simon. Jimmy did a bit of stealth
bleeding, tooled up a bit and generally annoyed Brian by blocking his
stakes action. Brian did nothing.

Day 15
Water worrying low, summit not yet reached. I am worried about the food
now and Jimmy snores.
A few things of note happened. Andy played Not to be on Simon's attempt
go Sabbat. Simon brought out more minions (about 9) and failed to turn
them into archbishops but did find a palla grande. Jimmy found his
vamp hunter and Andy's mini ally swarm all went eep!. Buzz was
intercepting well but not bloating or hurting much. Brian did nothing.

Day 45
Water all gone, Licking lichen off rocks. 24 pot noodles left.
Brian and Jimmy come to a clandestined agreement, I leave him alone and
starts to slay the bloating Andy with everything he has using bleed,
stealth and the Madness network. Andy bloats and bleeds Simon into near
death. He throws himself at the mercy of the table and begs for a con
of 6. We take pity on him and he does so, then art scams for another 2!
The next turn bribes one though for 7 and we realised that we don't
him that much. He failed to pass another vote. Buzz looks a bit low on
pool. Brian convinces Jimmy to let him bleed him for 1 a turn for
the pool gain of the madness edge. I don't know how.

Day 88
A stream! A stream! We are saved!
Something happens. Over a period of 2 or 3 turns, Simon pecks away with
palla bleeding minions and Buzz does his best at torporising them. Andy
also going hell for leather at Simon and is knocking his pool down, but
was just too little. Simon bleeds out Buzz it with his last 2 big
for 3 each, Simon looks a little stronger. Jimmy's deck has stalled a
little due to only 2 of 16 bleed modifiers turning up. Brian looks a
little worried, but does nothing.

Day 132 tired...very...tired.
Brian walls up big time (Re: does nothing) but fortunately Simon is on
little pool, he can't afford to go for all out attack. Especially now
one of his minions is now bleeding him and Brian has 2 permanent
intercepts on the table with agg damage. 1 by 1, he goes to torpor.
senses this and strives harder to oust Simon using clever play
bleeding and stealth. Jimmy takes this on board and does the same, but
better and bleeds for 5 at one point with Andy running out of bleed
reduction cards. It transpires that if Jimmy has 2 stealth cards or 1
a bleed mod, it would be all over for Andy! He has not, Andy collapses
with a sigh of relief and promptly spends his days untapping all of his
minions. He slowly bleeds out the tapped out Simon, 1 by 1 by 5! The
KMW perma bleed mod on the toreador bleeds at 1 stealth for 5! but
Wakes and bounces it with his only bounce card, My enemy's enemy, onto
Jimmy! Jimmy goes from 7 to 2 pool with only 1 untapped minion! This is
lesson to all you stealth bleeders out there. It's not big and it's not
clever and it can change the table dynamics rather quickly! Simon's joy
was short lived as Andy ousts him with a more modest bleed.

Day 179 that the end? Or am I hallucinating.
I leap into action and bleed out Jimmy after Andy and Simon have ganged
on him. The look he gave me was only tempered by the look he gave them
This left Andy and Brian to battle it out for control of Cambridge, a
Setite haven for so very long! Could the Ravnos wrest it from their
enemies with the help from the Gangrel! Or could the Setites and
stay in their tower to stay in power of the students and American
that we have all come to know and take potshots at? The final battle
to prove difficult and be decided by 1 card.

I brought out another minion, I had to against the swarm of Allies. I
to see and got...the 5 cap ravnos that can burn blood to make other
have +1 bleed. Things just changed Andy minion taps Hesha, I sudden
it! I pray this will be enough as I attempt to torporise anything I can
get my claws into, I try to get the 4 perma bleed bitch, but Hesha is a
good second. Andy throws everything he can at me, I take a few 1 bleeds
from allies as I can't afford too many 4 bleeds. Occasionally I take
an ally, reducing numbers, Andy seems to have run out of bleed mods. In
turn I bleed with my ravnos for 2 if they get through or hit the
with animalism combat fun. I have 2 hunting grounds and 4 blood dolls
play, I keep filling Paul Forrest so he can burn the blood for the
Ravnos. The numbers change, Andy's pool and minions shrink But time is
called at the bar! I go all out. I fill up Paul leaving myself 3 pool,
bleed with everybody for 2, for another 2, Andy has 1 pool left, bleed
1? blocked! I bleed with Paul himself, I tap out. If Andy has a wake or
reduce I am tapped out with 3 pool facing a 4 perma bleed...

....He has not. I win. Just.

Day 189
Base camp, food, water. Everyone is there standing and grinning but all
have 1 hand behind their backs, odd...

Brian 3vps and last man standing
Andy 1vp
Simon 1vp
Jimmy 0vp
Buzz 0vp.

The Setites have fled, The new rulers of Cambridge are Ravnos with
Gangrel! help. It remains independent but is now truly Anarch. If fact
only 2 decks that really utilised the Anarch rule where mine and Andy's
(though Jimmy did have some fee stakes). Firebrand is a very useful
but only if you can get them onto a Vamp and keep blood on them,
in this game.

Deck list:-

Crypt, All group 4 from KMW. See Colin, they are good for something.

Crypt (12 cards)
1x Alexis Sorokin
2x Callirus
1x Doyle Fincher
1x Enkidu, The Noah
2x Janey Pickman
2x Marion French
1x Mitru the Hunter
1x Paul Forrest, False Prophet
1x Tatiana Stepanova, Alastor

Library (90 cards)

Master (10 cards)
1x The Anarch Free Press
5x Blood Doll
1x Campground Hunting Ground
1x Hospital Food
1x Park Hunting Ground
1x Sudden Reversal

Action (12 cards)
1x Fee Stake: Boston
1x Fee Stake: Corte
1x Fee Stake: Los Angeles
1x Fee Stake: New York
1x Fee Stake: Perth
1x Fee Stake: Seattle
2x Reformation
2x Skullduggery
2x Smash and Grab

Political Action (4 cards)
4x Firebrand

Action Modifiers (2 cards)
2x Forced March

Reaction (21 cards)
4x Cats' Guidance
3x Forced Awakening
6x Friend of Mine
4x Instinctive Reaction
4x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (37 cards)
9x Aid from Bats
4x Apparition
5x Bone Spur
6x Carrion Crows
4x Diversion
4x Improvised Tactics
5x Skin of Steel

Allies (0 cards)

Retainers (4 cards)
4x Raven Spy

Equipment (0 cards)

Events (0 cards)

32 Anarch cards.