Question Andriod and Windows 10(PC) protection


Jul 17, 2017
Hi all,
My question concerns two different sceneroes, my Andriod device (Samsung galaxy s6 edge(phone) and my PC with windows ten).
I currently have avast and malwarebytes on both my PC and phone. I chose avast, at least for my PC, for I was told it works well and is light on the PC which I currently game on. I read that for Andriod mobile devices, that the 2019 review, you all published, stated that the best freemium is Norton and second was Avast. I wanted to ask the following:
  1. Is avast and malwarebytes the same type of software or does one look or do something the other doesn't thus one should have both?
  2. If I switch to Norton on my PC and/or phone, should I also keep malwarebytes? Or am I overlapping.
My phone is running slow, likely due to age, but I also rather not bog it down with overlapping software if one would do the trick. Likewise with my computer. I tried searching for a similiar topic and apologize if I suck at researching.

Appreciate your time and expertise.