Question Android 10 nightmare


Jun 25, 2016
I used to have a tablet using android 4.4 I loved that tablet but for security reasons some website and email systems would no longer work. I decided to buy a more modern laptop. Lenova M10 with Android 10. We are used to having a new version of windows and having to re-train and put up with bug fixes but, I have difficulty with Android 10. First you can have only 4 icons on the bottom. This can be expanded to folder style. You have to download an add on / extension (can’t think what it is called) to make it more usable. This is crap.

Now I have problems with websites. I click on a link then -> click on a link then -> click on a link. There is no back arrow like you have on a desktop PC. Is there a way around this or do I have to down load another extension AGAIN?

What is also fustrating is to access all apps. You have to carefully put your finger on the bottom of the screen and move it very very slowly up. Too fast and it's gone. My old app had tablet buttons that you could click on.

In order to get to the most standard of default settings. You have to google lots of people to find out the secret of getting into development mode. One such was I wanted to plug the laptop into my PC to download pictures and files. Every time I had to fight for access. I had to set the option as default but reboot tablet and I am back to square one. Now as a developer it accepts this mode as standard.
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Okay. I understand. This tablet has a difrent style with no buttons. So it is Lenova that dosn't work with it's Androoid 10 version.
no buttons android devices are there for quite a while now
in settings you can configure software buttons



Aug 30, 2019
What you want is Nova launcher. Even the free version will give you what you want. However many dock icons. Customizable folders, and yes, an app button if you want it instead of slide up.