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Changes from Aaron Giles

Sound rewrite crash fixes
* fixed crash in garyoret
* fixed crash in system18.c bootlegs
* fixed crash in konamigt
* fixed crash in scion
* fixed crash in double dribble
* fixed crash in iron horse

CPUs tagged as audio CPUs are no longer disabled when sound is turned

Changes from Nicola Salmoria

Sega Updates
- decrypted and added aurailj. the program roms are bad however so it
doesn't work
- the Altered Beast sets were a mess. Some of them were using the wrong
version of
the gfx ROMs (that's why they had to be loaded in a strange way) Should
be correct now.
- bayrout1 is the us version not world
- wally1 is revision B
- added a few keys with NO_DUMP
- more fixes to descriptions and ROM names

Changes from Pierpaolo Prazzoli

added sound to Excelsior

fixed title screen glitch in Super Slam

fixed sprite bug in Buccaneers

fixed crash in new Bull Fighter set

added proper PROM decoding for Ring King (Woodplace license)

fixed cocktail mode in Calorie Kun

fixed ufosensi093u3gra and ufosensi093gre

Changes from R.Belmont

- Moved actual CD-ROM and harddisk device emulation out of am53cf96.c to
new scsicd.c
and scsihd.c files.
- AM53cf96.c is now fully configurable: you can have any combination of
up to 7 CD-ROMs
and/or harddisks attached to the emulated SCSI bus and specify what
each one's SCSI ID
- CD-ROM emulation expanded to support more SCSI commands and bugfix some
existing ones.
- Changed konamigv and konamigq drivers to support the new 53cf96
configuration system.

Added -extractcd to convert CHD-CDs back into CDRDAO
..bin/.toc images.

Other Changes

Improvements to Best League [Angelo Salese]

Corrected XX mission dips [Brian Troha]

Verified Simpsons sound chip frequency against real board [Chris Hardy]

Added 24-bit cheat finding support [Thorwak]

MESS specific sndintrf update [Nathan Woods]

Fixed Buccaneers sound frequency [Corrado Tomaselli]

New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Demons & Dragons (prototype) [Frank Palazzolo] (no sound)
Ghost Hunter [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Tut's Tomb [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
MegaPlay: Streets of Rage 2 [Guru] (may crash due to poor genesis
MegaPlay: Biohazard Battle [Guru]
Nagano Winter Olympics '98 (GX720 EAA) [R.Belmont]


Hex Pool [Brian Troha]
Hook (Japan) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Puzzle Club (set 2) [Corrado Tommaselli]
Big Kong [Tom Girardot, Joe Magiera]
Sunset Riders (Ver ADD) [Razoola]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING

Pinball Action (set 3, encrypted?) (seems to be encrypted, segacrpt?)

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Archived from groups: alt.games.mame (More info?)

Still looking for any signs of life in regards to Mortal Kombat 4.

Has anyone heard any loose talk about it?

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Archived from groups: alt.games.mame (More info?)

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