Annex A and Annex B modems


Dec 23, 2011
Hello all , my question is the following : i have this modem and i can change the firmware to the annex a edition (this one).I changed the firmware from the webui and everything went ok. Will it work like normal ? Will i have problems in the future ? Is the difference between annex a and annex b really a setting inside the firmware ?
You should contact TP-LINK for this, unless someone on the forums has actually tried this. It's very very hard to tell what the guts of the device are like and what exactly the firmware will do. You need to talk to the people that engineered it.

Unless you want to risk bricking your router to experiment with it, don't touch it till you talk to the vendor.

Although I'm 90% certain they will say "don't do it, it's not supported".


Feb 19, 2012
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