Announcing the Tom's Hardware AMA and Gaming Giveaway with MSI!

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Feb 28, 2016

The Tom's Hardware Ask Me Anything with MSI is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated!
Ever wanted to ask one of the big hardware or software giants something directly? Why did they do that? Where did the idea come from for that last product? What’s in store next? Well, now you have the chance!

Tom’s Hardware is proud to announce our latest installment of ASK ME ANYTHING.

For this next chapter in the Tom’s Hardware Ask Me Anything series were joined by our wonderful guests from MSI. They'll be answering all of your in-depth questions about their upcoming products, in addition to a host of other subjects posed by you, our audience.

Submit your AMA questions to this thread. All questions and the AMA will be moderated and supervised by Tom’s Hardware Assistant Community Manager, Joshua Simenhoff, and a full team of Tom's Hardware Senior Moderators.

MSI Gaming Giveaway
In commemoration of this special AMA, we've teamed up with MSI for one awesome hardware giveaway. Enter the raffle in the spoiler above for your chance to win MSI Z170 Gaming motherboards and graphics cards, including the beastly MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8G. The sweepstakes will run from 1pm EST on August 17th, and will close at 12pm EST on August 26th. Please see the contest entry page for a full list of rules and ways to enter.

Please note: If you are having difficulty entering the raffle via Steam, don't worry there is a fairly easy workaround. Once you click past the initial warning page you will be brought to a Steam login page which will allow you to input your information. Please see the spoiler below for a detailed screenshot.

Ask Me Anything Rules
• No tech support questions, as these require in-depth personal follow-up and diagnostics.
• All Rules of Conduct apply.
• Keep questions direct and to the point.
• Avoid opinion bias - ie: "Why are all your products awesome/horrible?"
• Be respectful of our guests, no insults, no leading questions.
• Do not post duplicate questions or repost your question multiple times.
• Not all questions may be answered. Questions may not be answered in the order in which they are received or posted.

To reiterate: No opinion bias, insults, leading questions, or breaking the Rules of Conduct. Breaking these rules may result in a one-day ban.

Only registered users will be able to ask questions, so if you haven’t yet, be sure to register now for your chance to participate!

The official representatives will reply periodically over the time the AMA is active using a recognized and verified account.

Please join us on this date to throw your questions into the mix and ask MSI what you've always wanted to ask!

Ask Me Anything – MSI
When: Wednesday, August 17th, 1:00 p.m. EST
Where: The Tom’s Hardware Forums!
• Service Team Supervisor: Henry Hernandez (MSIHenry)
• NB Product Manager – Cliff Chun (MSI NB-PM)
• NB Associate Marketing Manager – Lenny Tang (MSI Subzer0)
• NB Marketing Specialist – Michael Ly (MSI Scorpion)
• Components Associate Marketing Manager – Mark Tran (MSIMarkGO)
• Components Marketing specialist – David Yee (MSIDavY)
• SPB Associate Marketing Manager – Eugene Kuo (MSIGENO)
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I'll start it off, here's my question. Since many people value the aesthetics of the motherboard and graphics cards as well as the price and performance, why aren't more color options available other than black, red/black, black/white? Are different colored PCB's, heatsinks, or fan shrouds cost prohibitive?

Math Geek

MSI releases a ton of card models based on a couple pcb's (12 gtx 1080 models alone!!). generally clock speeds seem to be the difference along with a couple of different cooler configs. my question is why? the consensus seems to be that the pcb's are built and then binned for the various models. is this the case? or is it something else that determines the various models if anything at all differentiates them?


Jun 24, 2015
My question is: How does MSI determine how to design and market their products to address user preferences and market trends? Do you solicit feedback from the user community and if so where and how?


May 3, 2011
My Question: Have you; or do you have plans to investigate the feasibility of electrostatic or thermo-electric cooling? Have never seen any manufacturer address cooling outside of fans and the occasional water block and more silent cooling tech would be more than welcome.


Would MSI consider releasing any new motherboards and 10XX GPUs in limited edition colors that are not black and red like they did with the green LE for the 9XX series and the Titanium edition Z170 board?
Does MSI have plans in the future to support total system-wide LED control?
For example; having a system based on MSI hardware that can utilize a single control mechanism for configuration of LED patterns or RGB schemes across the entire system. GPU, motherboard, case, etc all sharing the same LED profile patterns and colors from a single MSI application?


Another question - in regards to laptops and the availability of Pascal-based laptops will MSI be releasing low profile laptops with the new GPUs similar to the GS and GE series? Is there anything we can expect in terms of availability or specs and pricing? I wanted to get the GS72 but am holding off until I hear of any announcement.


Oct 23, 2014
Hey MSI ,

1- Since most (not all) of mini ITX motherboards users fit it in a dual slot case any ways , how about making the motherboard wider by adding another slot ? it will fit in 2 slots cases , give us 2 slots...

and for some , they can get 3 slots itx case and add a card + GPU card as well using such mobo.

something like mini-DTX mobo .. can you make a Gaming Mini-DTX please with 2 slots ( The same screws places in Mini Itx , and same depth but wider) .

2- When are you planning to release mini-ITX/mini-DTX X99 Motherboard ? The only one in the market is Asrock and we need Competition , add 4DIMMS/SoDimms please and multiple u2 slots ..

3-How about adding an empty mini slot in all motherboard as a standard so we can add WIFI/BT module ? it is a lot better than using standard slots because they block Airflow aroung the GPU cards . make it standard like any PCIe x1 slot ?

4- Usually motherboards with external 19V power plug are designed to take 65 watt CPU and do not support High level Graphic cards .. Given external 300 watts power supplies exist , and that we can make easy a System with GTX 1070/1060 run on Total 300Watt only by selecting 65 and 35 W CPU .. can you please consider making motherboards with external 19v plug that can take in 300 watts , and put a 6/8 pin header on the motherboard to connect it to the GPU card ?

5- Given most people have problems when upgrading GPU cards in regard of Changing the power supply and figuring out the wattage , and many cant change the power , how about adding an external 12v plug to your GPU card that is shared/switched with the internal 6/8 pin connectors ? so in case some one does not want to bother about power supply changing , just plug in external power ? you could sell those external as optional as well .. 60 watts for GTx 1060 (75 from mobo) and so on ? this will cost you nothing just the external 12V / 19V plug .. but would help a lot people who don't want to change power supply , just put the card in , connect external power , done . also will make people with non standard power supply buy the card as well . and if some don't want to use external power , the internal plug is still there .

6- Can you please Make some Nvidia cards without the DVI all together , Eliminating the need of 2 SLOTS in case we add a water block and use it in one slot only ? the DVI forces us to use 2 slots even that the waterblock is using only one slot ... this will allow us to use more cards in Micro ATX motherboards ..

7. Can you please give us shorter Micro ATX motherboards ? MATX are 245x245 , how about making them 245x170 ? (like a mini ITX with 4 slots) .. The point of this ? adding a radiator infront of the motherboard and freeing more place for a power supply at the front , and giving us more place in a compact MATX case ... The screws mounts are there and ready . The only thing that we will miss in it is the 4 slots DIMMS , will be 2 slots DIMMS only (look at it as mini ITX with 4 slots.
will msi gpu's ever adopt swappable/removable fans.

on the subject of fans can we please have some fluid dynamic bearing fans rather than ball bearing.
there just so much quieter. (i like quiet and performance ;) )



May 11, 2009
MSI, I bought MSI GTX 1070 and saw RX 460 with the same color design. Made my purchase look less interesting. Why not put different color pair for other brand/model of graphics card or have customer pick color combinations to match their case led lights.


Mar 26, 2014
Loved my MSI Afterburner Radeon HD 7850, although out of date it delivered countless of hours of entertainment!

Q: What is your take on USB legacy I/O on MSI motherboards? ie Will you consider a "future-proof" design that excludes USB 2.0 and possibly even USB 3.1 out of future designs to make room for the robust USB Type C?


Apr 1, 2004
Is there any new ways to improve cooling in graphic cards? It seems that cooling capacity has stopped developing.

What do you consider the sweet point for power managing in GPU. There are 3 and 1, 4 and 1, 6 and 2 solutions. But it seems to have very little impact in tests.

Do we need new connection to mother boards for new memory systems and new graphic cards or are we fine next few years?

an you reveal if you are testing Xpoint memory at this moment in your labs using your motherboard? ;-)

pR8 videos

Aug 10, 2016
On the 18-20 there will be first rx480(MSI) in Poland. I'll try to buy it if i have a chance ofcourse would be sick if i won but knowing my luck i hope only to get few answers for my question.

1. This article say rx480 could be OC from 1480-1600mhz.
a) is it true?
b) does it apply to msi gaming x rx480 or will it be new rx480 from msi?

2. I heard new MSI afterburner is coming out soon but i never used it and it will be my first time OC graphic card can you guys post some noob friendly setup for rx 480oc. I don't want to push it to the very end just close to it with hope it will be stable.

3. I know MSI use good thermal paste but will changing that paste to CLU or Conductonaut void MSI warranty?


My question is easy. Asus has built full pc's. As has Evga, Gigabyte, nvidia has branded a few, even AMD and Razer have dropped names on pc's. When or IS MSI going to jump on that bandwagon too? Or is MSI going to stick strictly to gaming Laptops?


Mar 9, 2013
My question,
Will MSI eventually design computer cases like the vortex in larger form factors for pc builders and enthusiasts?


Aug 12, 2010
1. MSI showed an all in one with an external graphics card stuck to the back at a trade show. Where is this in development and how can I get one?

2. I like your vortex PC but I am looking for something similar with support for any GPU since I am not a fan of SLI. Anything small form factor in the works with this option? the cooling idea of vortex.


Mar 30, 2012
Since March of 2015, to March of this year, MSI's total current financial liabilities at fair value through profit or loss has increased by 673 percent. Will this trend continue through 2016?


Aug 10, 2016
Question: How do you get the ideas for what you want to upgrade on them, and how do you even think of any ways to make a card better? (GFX CARD) and why dont you just wait a while and make a "out-rule them all" type card? aside from technology not being advanced enough.


Aug 11, 2016
[Question] Will there be a chance that the Graphicscards gets Fan Housings in different Colors? It would be nice if it could be possible to Switch the Fan Houseings with out buying a Graphicscard in the Color i want.
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