Annoying audio stuttering/freezing


Oct 2, 2010
This varies a lot so i'll describe what happens in various games, this has been happening for two weeks.
My specs are an I7 920 stock clocks, two GTX 460 768mb's, Asus P6T SE flashed to P6T (has always been fine) 4GB Corsair ram 1600mhz, a 1TB WD HDD with about 300GB free space, and a Corsair 650W PSU.

Now as I said, this varies from game to game. Started about... a month, maybe 2-3 weeks ago?

With football manager 2011, when I click continue (processes all the results, lots of CPU load) and it can freeze up completely for a few seconds, with audio repeating. This has actually caused a blue screen once. I notice the audio repeating because I always listen to music while playing it (FM2011 has almost no audio).

The worst affected game, civilization V, freezes/staggers with the audio making a weird robotic noise. Every next turn is usually fine until a lot of turns has gone by (so a lot more to process).

I have also noticed a little bit of it with the newer FPS games like Crysis 2. These games don't freeze at all but I notice audio stuters every few seconds, very annoying.

Things I have done :
System restore to before the problem occurred.
Full clean out with CCleaner.
Full scan with Spybot.

Things yet to do :
Full virus scan (use microsoft security essentials) I will be doing one tonight as I go to sleep, it can take some time, I have a timed shut down program :].
Defrag (I'm currently using iobits smart defrag 2, if there is anything better for free let me know) I will also be doing this at some point, it can also take some time to do due to the 1TB HDD.

Is there anything else I can do?


Edit : Also forgot to say, I did a full stability test with everest while I was browsing the internet while listening to music, and there was no stutter at all, seems only for games.