Question Annoying fan sound when start spinning

Dec 27, 2020
Hey friends,
recently I purchase Gigabyte 3070 eagle and apparently it using a fan curve that turn off the fans when idle or when the GPU isn't working, but when the fan starting to spin it making a little staring noise that really getting on my nerves.
It wouldn't distract me that much but It can do it more than 10 times a minute while browsering the web or doing other kind of tasks.

I understand that if I want to get rid of the "feature" I need to download a program such MSI Afterburner and set other speed curve but I have no idea what to set beside the minimum fan speed when temp are low and I don't want to make my case worst by using a bad fan curve when gaming.

Any advice on how to set it correctly? or maybe easier way to disable this feature?

I saw this tutorial, although it looks like a great tutorial it doesn't say how I need to adjust the curve for optimal result or even a good one.
My concern that I will use a "bad" curve and lower my graphic card strength or lifespan.
I think you are worrying too much. Just use trial and error to find a fan curve that suits you. Keep the GPU temperature under 80 C under load, or 75 C if you want to play it safe.