Aug 14, 2008
Every now and then I get sudden freezes. The computer completely locks-up. I cant move the mouse or use keyboard everything is frozon, you know what I mean. ALL i can do is restart pc.

First I thought this was a cpu problem, then motherboard, then ram, hard drive etc.
I just cant figure it out. It happens when I am on firefox 3.5, when am logging in at amazon or logmein.com using remote control etc. This was an issue before aswell I dont know what is causing this freezes.

I tested Ram with memtest86+ 2.11 for 13 hours, I tested cpu(Q6600) for 9 hours using prime95. Both passed no errors.

My motherboard is new ga-ep45-ud3r lastest bios f9
hard drive is samsung spinpoint became louder
gpu is 8800GT makes high pitch sounds
psu is corsair 650W tested with two.

Am oin a wireless network. usb adapter.

Hope someone can help Firefox forums are no good.


Jul 13, 2009
I too, had the same problem. Also my sound got crashed if I play any music while browsing net (I use minefield) I am using XP SP 2. My processor is Core 2 Quad 9400 (which requires Vista 64 bit SP 1 though) and motherboard 750i SLI Nvidia Geforce. After having this problem I installed another XP SP 2 and it's running better now. But not sure whether it will solve problem :(