Question Annoying Mouse Disconnecting/Freezing Issues


May 29, 2019
Over the past I'd say 1-2 weeks I've been having this really annoying issue with my mouse that I've tried allsorts of fixes for.

Relevant Specs (kinda):
Mouse - ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin
Mobo - ASUS Prime Z390-A
OS - Windows 10 Home 64bit

Alright so, it started out with my mouse at random times literally disconnecting/reconnecting by itself as if someone unplugged and plugged the USB cable in and out, it would only be disconnected for a second or so. The RGB LEDs would turn off/on in this process (just so you know it was the whole mouse disconnecting/reconnecting not just the sensor or whatever.
A few days after this issue started another (most likely related) issue started happening to the mosue where it wouldn't disconnect/reconnect, but instead the input from the mouse, both the sensor and the buttons would lock up/freeze for anywhere between half a second and a second ish, making gaming really irritaing.
Over the past couple days the disconnecting/reconnecting has stopped happening as much/barely doing it at all (hasn't done that for like over a day now), but instead it continues to do the freezing thing instead.
What's really weird/interesting is that it seems to do it more often (the freezing not the disconnecting) after I've either left the mouse alone for a short while or when I play a game the next day when I turn the PC back on. This could 100% be a coincidence though as it has done it at completely random intervals regardless.
Sometimes I can game for hours on end and had no issues whatsoever so it's not like it's gonna be a loose cable or component inside the mouse.

Now, I also don't think it's the mouse itself and I feel like it's some fault within Windows or something software/driver related beacuse when the freezing happens and say I move the mouse or left click while the freezing happens, after it unfreezes it will still send those inputs through, so I feel if the mouse was at fault it just wouldn't send any inputs at all.

Things I've tried so far (probably forgetting a couple things):
-Changing USB ports around
-Updating/Removing/Reinstalling mouse and motherboard USB drivers (chipset drivers too)
-Updating mouse firmware to latest version
-Removing/Reinstalling mouse software (can run the mouse without software anyway as it has onboard memory for it's settings)
-Updating BIOS to latest version
-In Power Options (in advanced settings on the power plan), set USB selective suspend setting to Disabled

The reason I updated my BIOS is because in the update versions and notes, under one of the updates it says it "fixed some USB issues" or something, I already had a BIOS level before updating above that one, but I thought you never know, maybe some other issues have happened.
One other thing I've yet to try which was on a video with fixes is unchecking "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" under USB Root Hub properties - power management in device manager.
^ Reason I didn't try that one yet is because I'm tryna take possible fixes step by step at a time so I know what's actually causing it, and I don't think its a power issue since the mouse inputs just freeze and it doesn't turn on/off like it did earlier (might still do that, just hasn't done it in over a day).

So yeah, anyone have any ideas?
I could try reinstalling my OS to confirm if it's something weird going on there, but I want that to be a last resort along with buying a new mouse.
Also, I read somewhere that messed up registry keys of some kind can cause this issue, any idea where to look/what to do for that?


Edit: It's still doing the disconnecting randomly as well as the freezing (just seemed to not do the disconnectin for a day or so).avi