Annoying Porsche ad location and activation

Is anyone else annoyed by the Porsche ad? It is located between the scroll tab and where you want the cursor to go next.
Since it is activated by just passing the cursor over it, it gets me every time, starting music and the ad, and won't go away until I close it. If tom's is being paid by clicks it is a sneaky way to generate revenue. I now have to be careful to move around it to avoid the interruption.

I don't know if I am more annoyed at Tom's or Porsche. Neither is good.

Do I have to? I like to keep mods and other maintenance to a minimum. Why not make the ads so that clicking on them is what it takes to activate? If I am interested, I will click on it. I don't need it pushed in my face every time I forget to reroute my cursor.
Don't annoy a potential customer.