Annoying win2k settings upon fresh install.


Dec 31, 2007

why does windows act so SPASTIC when you do a re install.

take for example my fresh win2k system.
i tried to do a cd to cd burn.
16x pioneer ata66 tray & ricoh 12x10x32x as master/slave on same cable.
used to work fine, now i got 143 avoided buffer underruns. ACK!
found out that both devices were chugging away in PIO mode *rolls eyes*
cant win2k detect that ata66 secondary master?

then i tried serious sam.
could barely push 80fps in 1024x768x32bitx high quality.
checked rivatuner and yup... agp4x disabled. also found my openGL texture memory allotment was something kine 2 Mb.

also when i install programs their icons seem to randomly go into either "all users" or "administrator" so when i do a right click on start to get the start menu as a series of folders half are missing.
i.e. have to do both "open" and "open as all users"
*rolls eyes*

is their a way around this?

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Feb 6, 2001
Ya sure ya didn't accidently flash your Bios, or reset it to default? Check the level and tune it up...

For getting pgms to the right users, on first start ups as admin, only install the basics like internet connection and your base software, like for me its IIS, SQl Server, Office and V Studio. Then add your other UserIds and group memberhsips - then set up the AutoAdminLogon.
When it comes up on that user, then add goodies, extras and customise. Ya'll have everything under the right user profile then...

*** And check your system and app logs with Event Viewer before ya get to far in to customization... Clean it up and keep it clean ***

I believe all devices on the same EIDE cable take on the attribrutes of the lowest device... think all OS's are that way??? Using the right Cable - the thin one? Anyway, whenever I mix em I always get the slowest attrs for both...

Win2k never sees my CDRW(HP 9100) as anything but a plain CD - have to come back and install EZCD software - first burns usually run a transfer rate test - then all OK...

Cant help on your graphics, I go 12x10 by 16 cause I want Web graphic files to be small and fast.. think people can really tell diff between 32k and 4B shades of color...
And I always go ATI - ain't the fastest, although in the 90th precentile plus - but they're the best drivers in the business!(I know cause I used to make presentation device drivers for OS2 and NT - can't beat ATI drivers)

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Feb 9, 2001
"is their a way around this?"

Yes, 'their' is. Don't ever reinstall windows. Other than that, you have to go through and 'tweak' the system every cycle. It takes win2k an hour to install, then at least another 10 reboots and 2hours for me to get it tweaked and my apps installed.


Dec 31, 2007
got my good ole' 1005a asus a7v133 bios... no changes since i started.

and where the shortcuts and start menus appear really oes depend on the application. i only use admin account with no password. no one else uses my pc. couse its easily fixed when i manually move all the icons from "all users" to "admin"
but its still an ass-pain.

hmmms... lowest device u reckon...
an idea... but on my first install when i had an ata33 52x cd i never got this problem, nor is my ata100 & ata33 HDD's running at ata33.

as for ati... well i had a ati 4mb rage pro way bay then.
its wasnt bad, and could do quake2 acceptable once they released the openGL drivers (only took em 2 months)
but could never get the ati media player to work. always died on me. never found out why.

least everything is better now.
it truly is 1 hour for the HDD format and install, 10 hours for the settings fiddle.

I'll respect your comments & opinions, even if i disagree with them, Provided you display maturity.