[SOLVED] AnonymizerGadget Removal Help.

As the title says, I've got this AdWare installed on my system called Anonymizer Gadget.
From what I've found out about it, it's seemingly harmless enough, just tries to put ads on things, but my AdBlocker and MalwareBytes stops it doing stuff.

However, it's one of those ones that MalwareBytes (although they have a post on their own FAQ saying otherwise) can't seem to see and thusly remove.

And if I stop the service then delete it's folder, it just comes back after a restart.

And I've looked high and low in my system for any folders and files that would be potentially related to it that would contain the files for it that it uses to reinstall itself after being deleted.

And it doesn't even show up in my installed programs like other sites claim.

This one is started to frustrate the crap out of me.

Also, apparently one of the typical ways it gets installed is through bundling, however, I can't recall ever downloading and installing anything sketchy or unofficial that would bundle it without my knowledge, and any official software installs that do have bundling options, I've always opted out of installing the extra software they try to push in my face, so I can't see when, where, why, and how it got installed on my PC.

So if anyone knows how I can get about getting rid of this thing without doing a clean install of Windows please let me know.

I am really hoping I don't have to go through the process of backing up everything and then wiping the drive and re-installing software........ I just don't have the time or patience for it right now.

So far, all I've been able to find for folders and files for it, are where it runs from and that is the AGData folder in my Roaming folder.

And just now, I stopped the service and deleted the folder, and the folder is a whopping 871 Megabytes!!!
Have you tried Hitman Pro or a trial of Zemana AntiMalware?
I'll try that when I get home later.

Not helpful at all, and honestly a bit offended by this.

processexplorer (From SysInternals/Microsoft) might show you exactly where the process is spawning from, possibly allowing you to suspend both processes prior to deleting them, hopefully preventing the 'Lazarus effect'....


(There are very useful 1.5 hr tutorials on Process Explorer on Youtube hosted by Mark Russinovich, the programs creator)
Appreciate it, but don't have the time to waste watching movie length videos when I could just backup and clean install Windows which would guaranteeit's death.

But I'll keep this in mind for just learning about the program whenever I have time to kill.
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Have you tried Hitman Pro or a trial of Zemana AntiMalware?
Hit man found it.
And found additional locations on my drive for it.

What gets me is that it found self titled folders, one of which was in program files x86, and I have show hidden files and folders on yet i could never see it.

Must be using the same method to hide itself as Microsoft does to hide the programdata folder, regardless of having the "show hidden files and folders" enabled.

After a restart, the process is no longer there in task manager so I have to assume it's been dealt with now.

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