Another 3sec Shutdown victim


May 28, 2007
Apparently I'm not the only 4-month old homebuilt to be crapping out so suddenly?

My own computer cropped up this issue about two weeks ago. After some initial trouble-shooting I found the PSU to not even stay on for 3 seconds with no load~ So I RMR'd it to OCZ, and just got my replacement yesterday. I powered it up again with no load, tested a few connections at random and found all to be SAT, so I went through and re-wired everything.

Crossed my fingers and hit the power button... 3 seconds (lights & Fans), and off.

Since the case is still open, I noticed something new. When first plugged in the MOBO has two LED's light up just above and to the right of my RAM. A blue one, which I recall as being there normally... but there is also an amber one a little to the left (the I don't recall ever seeing lit before). The closest labeling is: cr12j2

This amber light does not re-light after the 3-sec power-down, but the blue remains lit. The blue is labled cr12j1

The Mobo is a evga nforce 680i sli socket 775 motherboard, and I haven't been able to find anything in the manual about this new/perviously unnoticed LED to know if it's even relevant at all.

I've reseated the CPU & Fan, (as they were in the way when I was disconnecting the power supply originally anyhow), gotten a brand new PSU, and have tried pulling the RAM to boot w/o (I actually get a beep for the lack of RAM just before power kicks off), and finally resulted in pulling out the mobo and trying things case-less.

Still no dice here, and I'm quite aggitated.

At this point I'm leaning towards saying it's the Mobo, especially in light of those LED's mentioned above (that I cannot identify). My hesitation is that other others having this same problem have a different Mobo...

Anyone have any thoughts, or agree/disagree with my Mobo-reasoning? I've not yet even looked at any overclocking, and have been running everything stock so their is no way any of those kind of issues could have cropped up.

EVGA nForce 680i SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA, Socket 775, ATX, (New A1 Version), Audio, PCI Express, SLI, Dual Gigabit LAN, S/PDIF, USB 2.0 & Firewire, Serial ATA, RAID
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Sep 28, 2008
I'm having the same problem now, my motherboard is XFX nForce 680i. Did you ever find a cause to the problems?

My issues started with an increasingly frequent turn off (no bsod or shutdown) after running my system for an hour or so. Eventually it would happen after about a minute, and thinking it was all a heating issue, I installed lots of tasty cooling stuff.

As soon as I tried to turn it on I reached the same point as you.
First time around it loaded through the system checks and reached FF on the on board display (I believe fully functional) before powering off. Since then it won't power on at all, as if a fuse goes every time I hit the power button, but I always get the amber light cr12j2 when it turns itself off.

Did you ever find out what it meant?


Jun 24, 2009
Just wanted to document the same just happened with me. There is little information on boxes just cutting off and the cr12j2 LED lighting up amber when pressing the power button.

Just some background. I was doing a disk to disk copy from one scsi drive to another at the time the power just cut off. Smelled a bit of fry from the PSU (380w coolmax) and it was hot to the touch. Let it cool and tried to power on again. Thats when the amber LED lit up and I got nothing.

Ive read everyone else has swapped PSUs, RAM, reseated CPUs, etc, so Im assuming its the board. It was good for about a year till now so warrenty and stuff is out Ill assume. Just cut a case to xfx. Ill post if they respond but will just order a new board in a few days if not. Sorry for the redundancy but just want to get it out there that it happened. This is about the 6th case Ive read of this with no resolution to any.