Apr 5, 2010
I've read a few of the Dell XPS 400 threads, viewed the Intel site and other forums. Would like to have a "no kidding" solution for a new processor for this machine. I have not put any money into this except a video card a while back due to dust bunnies killing my fan, (yeah, I know...should have blown out the computer with air). This is the info off the chip:


Mobo is a 775 (made by Foxcon, but there is no model #...hope that isn't important) My Device Manager has a number listed that doesn't even come up on there website.

OS Windows XP

Just want to know what chip to buy for this thing. I've seen a variety of answers from, another 800 series chip (from Dell support), a 945 and even a E6300. I have seen the list of "compatible" chips on the Intel website and it goes as high as 975 extreme. Don't want to buy anything else,( i.e. a fan) as I know most of you have said not to put anything into a Dell XPS. I have already built a new machine and transferred all the files, just thought with prices on Amazon for some of these chips that it would be worth it. Going to keep Windows XP on it and it may or may not be on the internet. I'm thinking it would be a good first computer for a child, (or an anchor for my canoe). Seen a lot of bad reports about this machine and I've had it for 5 years without a gliche. I personally think all the microsoft updates finally took its toll on it (IMO). My biggest gripe was that the BIOS was locked out and I couldn't do anything to "experiment" with clock speeds...etc.

Thanks Everyone for your time.
You have a 945g chipset board. A gentlemen is selling an Intel e4400 core2 duo for $45 used on anandtech's for sale forum which might work. But if it doesn't, be prepared to sell the cpu yourself or buy another micro atx board. I suggest a foxconn brand in a g31 or g41 chipset, which might boot up with your dell windows installation. Or as the previous poster said, leave it alone.


Aug 11, 2006
Slap a 500G to Terrabyte HD on it as a secondary, punch a hole through the firewall and make it a torrent/file/ftp/web server.
Your xps 400 may also contain a btx board. If it does, the ports will be on the opposit side than a regular micro atx board and your Dell case will only work with btx. The xps 410 was the first to get a core2 duo cpu. Don't know if the boards are interchangable. Check ebay.