Another Diablo 3/PC question


May 15, 2012
So I picked up Diablo3 today and love it. It runs great on my custom built desktop and I couldn't be happier.

I did find out recently that I'll be going on some business trips soon and I want to buy a laptop to play on when I'm staying in hotel rooms (with WiFi, obviously). I'd like to stay under $1,000, dedicated graphics is a must, Full HD screen. I've found an Acer that looks like a win/win but it seems a little cheap for the package. Don't get me wrong, I love cheap, but it seems to be I'm missing a major weakness...

Oh, and please don't tell me the weakness is Acer. I know the opinions on their hardware vary greatly but I've had luck with them before.

Anyways, here it is:

All other machines in the class above seem to sacrifice screen size. I absolutely love the 18"+ screen on this one. Also looking to run WoW, ToR, Starcraft II, and Skyrim at different times.


you expect him to game in 1280x720 on a FHD 17-18" screen? No offense, but ivy bridge is good if you want to do some crappy looking gaming on a budget laptop, otherwise you get a dedicated card.

5400rpm HDD will be a major bog down, but if boot times don't bother you this should be a good buy. Be very careful with respect to your temperatures, acer is known for budget cooling and chassis design, I'd say if you're plan to have it sit on your lap, absolutely get a laptop cooler.