Another ESD question.


Aug 24, 2011

I am a first time builder. My computer parts will be arriving soon. As always, I have the first time builder fears of ESD. I've been searching the internet for the best way to prevent or minimize ESD, and pretty much I've come across two schools of thought: plug in the psu with switch turned off or unplug the psu, with both methods using a wrist wrap.

The argument for unplugging psu is because of current that just floats between the psu,case,motherboard etc. My question is, would it be plausible to plug it in to a power strip plugged into a wall, with both psu and power strip turned off? Would this eliminate any "floating current"? I would be wearing a wrist wrap either way.

I also plan to work on a linoleum floor, bare foot, with a cotton shirt.

Some of you guys might consider this overkill, but again i guess i just want to be really careful. The question isn't about overkill, it's about having the best prevention methods.

Thank you


Sound to me like you've been spending a lot of time reading about ESD. The only question is, does your wall socket have three prongs(grounded)? As long as you have a grounded outlet you have a reliable method of keeping static buildup to a minimum. That setup you will be using will do a great job of that.