Another Gaming Pc, First Build, $3500-$4000


Mar 29, 2009
Minimum Budget - $3500

Max Budget (Highest Price Total System can be, can't be higher than this) - $4000

Main Components:

CPU - Intel Core i7 920 (Going to Overclock) (MSY) = $449

GPU - 1792MB GTX 295 Palit (MSY) = $799

Ram - 6G Kit(3x2G) DDR3 1600 G.Skill-NQ (MSY) = $209

Motherboard - Asus RAMPAGE-II-EXTREME Intel Mainboard -

6x DDR3 / 6x Sata Raid / 1x IDE / Dual Gigabit Lan (Centrecom) = $680.90

Case - Thermaltake Xaser VI Black/Red Full Tower Case - Side Window (No PSU) (Centrecom) = $333.30

Monitor - 26” ASUS VK266H 2ms Full HD DVI SPK CAM WS (MSY) = $589

Total = $3060.20


HDD - W.D. SATA 2TB (MSY) = $155 X2 = $310

PSU - Corsair HX-1000 1000W ATX Modular Power Supply (Centrecom) = $409.20

CPU Cooling - Noctua NH-U12P SE 1366 Performance CPU Cooler - Special Edition for Intel i7 (Centrecom) = $103.40

OS - *OEM MS 32 bit Vista Home Premium = $165

Total = $740.40


Speaker - Logitech X540 5.1 (MSY) = $117

Keyboard & Mouse - Buying with own money

Total = $117

Total price of all components = $3999.80

Is this a good gaming rig that can play just about any game with high graphics with reasonable framerates, 30-40?

This is my first Gaming PC, and so I want this Pc to last forever, will do future updates to the GPU and Ram.

Thanks for all the comments people. :pt1cable:


Dec 26, 2008
the build itself is very good, but the rampage II is somewhat unnecessary IMO since you can't run 3 295s in 6x SLI. The advantage of the rampage is its ability to run true 3-way SLI. I would suggest going with something like the ASUS P6T deluxe v2 or the evga model. This will save a few bucks if it's available.
foolycooly and croc have good points.
Get vist home premium 64 bit. Needed for dx10, and 6gb.

Asus P6T is good.

A 1000 watt psu is overkill, unless you are planning on sli.
The GTX295 requires 46a on the 12v rails and 680 watts.
The corsair750w would do nicely.

Also, this build will not last forever. It will be dated a year from now. Still, it will run everything out there well.
But,... If you wait for the next best thing, you will wait forever.


Feb 28, 2009
2tb might be over kill unless you have a ton of movies or other huge files. i would just do 2 WD black caviar 640 in RAID 0