Another GTX 770 or gtx 780 OR HD7990


Jan 27, 2013
Just want some other opinions on this, i already have a gtx 770 , have had it for about 3 months, its a great card and all but am getting a 1440p monitor in the next 2 weeks and also planning on upgrading my graphics card(s). Now some of you may be thinking why is he even asking this with the 7990 being a dual gpu card and the 780 only being a 780, heres my reason am here in ireland and the prices of both the gtx 780 and 7990 have dropped a huge amount the last few weeks with the 7990 being anywere from 20 - 50 pound cheaper than the 780 because of the 780ti being released (which is slightly out of my budget), i know the gtx 770 is about 100 - 150 pound cheaper than the other two but i don't like the fact that am then stuck at two 770s and can't upgrade later on next year , and remember i already have a 770 and all these cards are within my budget so thats nothing to worry about. I just want a second opinion and keep in mind am planning to do alot more 1440p gaming! Also if i don't go with another 770 it will be going into another video rendering rig so it wouldn't be going to waste!.