Another "How's this build" Thread


Feb 21, 2009
Hello, I'm a first time builder and I'm putting together my

buying list for my new computer. I already have a 512mb hd4850 in the

computer I'm currently using, so that will be excluded from the list.

I'm pretty intimidated at getting everything together from scratch so

any help is much appreciated. (Motherboard/Processor) (Dvd Burner/Rom) (Case/Power Supply) (Hard Drive) (Os) (Ram)

My budget is limited to around 1000 usd if I want to do the order in

the next couple days, or upped to 1500ish usd if I wait till my next

paycheck. Main use will be gaming and I'll be playing on a 19 inch LCD. Thanks in advance for the help.

- Chris


Feb 5, 2009
1) half your links dont work or arent linked to any item + also link item+state what it is so i dont need to click to see what you got and what you're missing
2) whats the main use of the comp? and what size monitor?
3) if you can wait ofc up your budget (that way you can go i7)


links work for me but i agree, what is the main use and monitor size. and if you can wait, 1500 is a huge difference compared to 1000.


It mostly looks good. The western digital hard drives seem to be the prefered around here but that's your call:
I'd get this mobo instead because I like Asus and it gets a little bit better rating the the Gigabyte:
And that case looks good but I'm not so sure about the psu. I'd go with 650 watts instead and use a better name brand psu like corsair, thermaltake or pc power & cooling. If you are going to spend a little more, I'd get an 850 watt psu and another gpu to crossfire. You'll be much happier with the second gpu if you're going to game.
Hi I don't mean to say that the components you have chosen are bad...but you can get better components for that price...
If you are willing to change them, I could list better value components...

Well yes the i7 will be an overkill...but it will be more future proof than the E8400...
But you can consider the P II X3 720...It is more future proof than the E8400 and performs very well...