Question Another msi z390-a pro not posting.


Jan 28, 2017

new i5 9600k.
msi z390-a pro.
Gtx 970.
Corsair vengeance ddr4 2x8gb 2666mhz.
Samsung 1TB
Corsair cx600
Windows 10 home.

For a week all fine until this morning i powered it down then back on again about 5 mints later.
Case and cpu fans came on but no boot up or hdd light and the gpu fans stutter but no spin up and the white cpu light came on.

I did the whole taking it apart and running with just the 2 mean fans and 1 stick of ram no USB or gpu.
It booted to bios and then restarted it but it went back to no post and no hdd light and cpu fail light.
I put it all back together and powered it up but this time the hdd light came on and no cpu fail light but after 15 or so seconds it restarted with the cpu fail light and hdd light and no post.

I turned it off then on this time no hdd light but the cpu fail light comes on.
Then i left it a few minutes and tried this time it was back to the no cpu fail and hdd light on and after a few seconds it restarts.
Any ideas?

If take out the battery and leave it for a while then put it back in and power up it goes to the "Windows wasn't shut down properly" screen, and "press F1 for bios or F2 to continue"

If i do F1 to bios then save and restart it will not post.
If i F2 it will run as normal i can game and everything but when i shut down it won't post so i have to go back through all the taking the battery out and such.
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