Question Another optiplex 780

Feb 25, 2020
Will 750ti work in optiplex 780 with upgraded CPU of core 2 quad 950?
A few years ago i bought a crap computer just so id have something. We had recently moved to the country and i was an avid gamer that had a hand-picked dream rig that i loved. Unfortunately, there was only satellite intetnet available where we moved, so no more shooters which was my genre of choice. Im old school, my 2 favorite games were thinktanks and battlefield heroes. Still have flashbacks and dreams about both games. Guess i played too much. I dabbled alot with photoshop and got good at making gifs, skins, and avatars. I spent way too much time on that thing, but i loved it. After a couple years with super slow internet with 3 second lag, it just started collecting dust. I decided to sell my baby. It had a 120 gig ssd in it for the os and a few games from when the drives were still new and expensive, my old hdd i kept for storage, (has my whole kids life and most of my adulthood on it) i also had a very old xp drive in it with more old stuff. The windows 7 drive had no problem accessing it, but i woke up one morning and windows 10 was on my boot drive and i could no longer access the very old xp drive. I was pissed.
i dont temember every detail about my baby, but it had a coolermaster silencio case, a 700 watt psu, a gigabyte mb, 8 gigs of fancy ram, an amd bulldozer 4.5 cpu, and an msi razr gpu but i dont remember model. I was planning on upgrading to a 2nd gpu soon. I made it as future proof as i could. Paid 1200 and sold it 4 yrs later for 350. The worst irony is we moved back to the city 6 months later, and now i hear they have cable at my old house now. God i wish i didnt sell that rig.
But back to the point. I bought a dell optiplex 780 sff for like $20 a couple years ago. Now im hearing theyre popular to upgrade. So im doing it up. Have a core 2 quad 940, 16 gigs ram, a sata to usb converter coming so hopefully i can access old xp drive, and a gt 730 gpu coming that was dirt cheap. All was super cheap. I did some reading recently and saw that a gtx750ti is a great gpu for the money. It just hard to find one to fit a sff case. Pretty sure it only runs on pci slot, so not really worried about a psu.
I guess my question after all this rambling is there any compatibility issues with my cpu (core 2 quad 940) or any other reasons i shouldnt buy this gpu? Seems to preform great vs similar gpus for much cheaper. Might have to tinker around to get it to fit, but im not worried a out that. Any other suggestions for gpus in similar price range?


Nov 18, 2019
core 2 quad 940
Are you sure it's an Core-2, or is it an i7-940 not that it matters just wondering?

Your XP drive if you still have Just might need a new drive letter given to it BUT Don't format it. This can be done in your control panel under computer management.

As far as the GTX 750ti goes you need at least a 450 watt power supply.

I have taken some Dell 990's and made into gaming machines "Desktop Models" and there power supplies were not up to the task. Each one now has a 600-650 watt updated power supply.

Where are you located as to how to help you look for parts?