private bob4

Jun 23, 2012
Hello Networking guru's and enthusiasts! I upgraded the main router in my home around Christmas time and still have the old one lying around. It was and still is pretty decent, and I was wondering if I could have it in my room for better wireless connectivity. I currently have a Linksys EZXS88W 8-port switch in my room because I have a few Ethernet devices running in there as well. Would I be better off using a switch, or using the router. I can't really tell you the current model number, but all I can say is, is that it is newer than the switch by about a year.
Presumably the Linksys EZXS88W switch is patched back to the primary (new) router, LAN to LAN. All the switch is doing is making it convenient to run one cable between it and the router, rather than running multiple cables. Switching to the router introduces the possibility of adding *wireless* clients to the room as well. But that’s a question of desire/need, not technical expertise. How can anyone here advise you on what you desire/need? Only you can do that. If you’re using wireless in the room and are having range issues w/ your primary wireless router, then yes, this would help by bringing the wireless signal much closer to your room. But again, only YOU can decide if you *should* do it.