Question Another VDG header help request lol

Jun 26, 2022
Hi All, I had some gifts yesterday from my partner to upgrade my pc a bit. :) I have a new Motherboard Aorus X570S Pro AX , a new CPU, done with no issue. But we trying to get the LED's all synced and connected.

So my AIO is a little old, is the Aerocool Pulse 240L which has a cable coming from the underside of the cooling block attaced to the CPU. The part in question is the VDG 3 pin or ASUS ? 4 pin but only 3 pin holes (not 4).

The VDG connector is a 3 pin plug ( there doesn't seem to be one one this motherboard. the ASUS connector is a 4-pin connector in size but only has 3 holes with a 2nd pin or hole blocked off. The question is then can I use that connector to attache to the D_LED1 position on the motherboard which is exactly the same connector as the cable (4 pins but 1 missing) ?

I would appreciate any advice on this because I dont really understand the terminology these days lol....

Many thanks

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