anoying freezing issue with my pc


Sep 10, 2015
Hi there! . I'll cut to the point , so this year (2020) my pc which contained an antec700psu , z970 gigabyte motherboard , 2x8gb hyperx fury 1600mhz ram , 250gb ssd kingston , 1tb hdd , i7 4790k intel cpu , cooler master cpu fan and a gtx1060 6vram gigabyte along with win10 pro 64bit has started to show issue which followes : at random time the pc would just freez for long period and wouldnt even show me a blue screen , it would take maybe about 5 min untill it reboots by itself or i reboot it , it would even freez while im rebooting the pc , so I took it to a shop and the shop told me that my motherboard + cpu + ram was faulty and i needed to replace them and TBH i was looking to upgrade anyways since the pc was from 2014 (except for the psu and gpu ) so i upgraded all 3 components to this : i7 9700k tray intel cpu , H310M 2.0 gigabyte motherboard and 2x16gb 2666mhz hyper x fury ram , after i got the upgrades i started to run the pc and it all looked good however after about gaming for 2 hours the freezing came back again! (hurray !!!!!!!!) , It was weird because i though the problem was fixed so I started to test it myself and what i did was remove the gpu because maybe the gpu was faulty , after removing the cpu i tried to run games with the intel HD graphics driver and even without the gpu the pc would freez and it even froze faster then it did with the gpu inside (while gaming) . now my question is WHAT THE FLIP is the problem here ? . is it because the mobo might not be strong enough to handle the cpu ? even tho the manufacture page said it is . please i need help because this has been going on for like almost 2 months and the pc is in the shop .

my motherboard :