Antec 300 vs elite 430 vs NZXT M59


Aug 28, 2011
Which case is best for a Seasonic 600w psu, Phenom II 940 + the enhanced heatsink and fan
gigabyte 990fxa d3 ripjaws 2x2gb ram? Which has the best airflow and best connectivity? Personally I think the NZXT looks best, but what do you think?

On a side note, does the Gigabyte 990fxa d3 come with integrated graphics and SLI/crossfire support with 16 lanes on each PCI (instead of dropping to (8x8x)?
Yes the Gigabyte MB runs in x16/x16 mode.

The choice of a case is very subjective. The three you chose are all good cases, just make sure the one you get has all the ports you want (such as USB 3).