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Antec 520 PSU


Feb 16, 2011
I bought a 520w Antec PSU during a Shell Shocker deal and am looking to upgrade video card and CPU as well. Looking at a Gtx460 or HD 5770. CPU I was looking at the Athlon II x3 450 Rana.

Now my question is, will that PSU support that big of a video card and a 95w CPU or do I need to look at a 65w CPU in a dual core?

Only other thing i've got is just basic components. One internal 40g hard drive and a 1tb external.


Mar 18, 2011
I guess you have my PSU the antec eco 520c, it is a great PSU by the way, I also have a Athlon ii x3, and a 5770. My overclocked athlon ii at 3.7 uses like 125Watts, and a Overclocked 5770 with No problems never hear it spinning. To be honest that PSU can handle a 6950 or even a GTX 570. Check my Post http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/289575-28-antec-520c-520w-enough , by the way Athlon ii X3 overclocks great, the most I have gone is 3.8 no voltage tweaks.


There are two 520W PSUs on Newegg right now. The Neo Eco 520, and the HCG 520. Both however have 40A on the 12V rail so the power figures should be the same. 4 * 12 = 48, so you have a total of 480W on the 12V rail. The GTX460 has the higher TDP, so lets use that.


The 1GB model has a TDP of 160W. 160W(GPU) + 95W(CPU) + 50W system = 305W. Well within what your PSU can output. If you check out their power numbers page you'll see they get 307W.


With 40A on the 12V rail you could easily go to a large video card like the 6950 or GTX570. A 200W+ GPU shouldn't be an issue. The dual GPU cards like 6990 and GTX590 isn't a good idea.



Absolutely right, couldn't agree more.

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