Antec 900/902 and the Radiator... where???


Jan 9, 2009
Hello Everyone,

I am purchasing a water cooling system and don't know if I should buy the "RadBox". I have an Antec 902, and I am just curious where the Radiator would go. How would the Radiator work if the case already has the holes for the tubing and I am guessing the Radbox would go over the holes, wouldnt it? Can the Radiator safely sit in the bottom of the inner case or in a 5.25" bay?

Anyone that can help, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!
The radbox would go over the fan opening, thus "covering the fan". It should screw in where the fan would normally screw in. It should not cover the tubing holes.

However, by placing the radiator on the back would make it difficult to mount the radiator with the tubing going through those holes, and not kinking. You may have to drill new holes to accomodate the tubing. But placing the radiator on the back is completely viable.

Mounting the radiator in the interior of the case would provide challenges that may have to be researched. Depending on the radiator's size, it should be possible to mount it on the 5 1/4 bays, but you would lose the use of most, if not all your bays.

Mounting on the floor would prove very difficult, if it's even possible, due to the PSU mounting there as well. You would have to cut holes in the floor, as well, if you managed to mount it there.

The Antec 900/902 series isn't made to handle a water cooling loop easily. Things will be tight in there. Creativity comes in handy when mounting.

The sad part about water cooling is that you don't really get to appreciate the size of things until after you have purchased them. Only then, can you truly measure things out to see if they fit. Don't be set on a given plan, but be prepared to change your plans to make things fit. That's the fun of modding.

Do let us know what you end up doing with this!!!